Friday, 28 February 2014

What would you do with £1000?

Thinking about what you could do with £1000? For most people, there must be many things they could do with this sum of money. But you won’t need to wait until you receive an unexpected windfall on the Lottery, or are sent a surprise cheque from somewhere.

If you start saving today, you could have this amount much sooner than you think. Here’s how.

If you saved £100 per month, you could have £1000 in time for Christmas. That equates to £25 per week, which over seven days, comes to just £3.57 each day.

Could you manage to save £3.57, every day until December? It would not be that difficult. The strange thing about money is how quickly it builds up. You will already know this with your weekly supermarket shop. Even when we are being extremely careful, the total shopping bill creeps up higher and higher really quickly.

Consider credit card bills too. Even if you are fairly careful, it does not take a lot for it to add up and become a significant amount that you owe to the credit card company.

The same is true of savings. While the notion of saving £1000 in one go is more than the majority of us are able to achieve, thinking about saving just £3.57 every day is not so difficult, and certainly is not impossible. Most of us will have that amount of change on us on a daily basis.

However, much you can afford to save, this is a simple illustration to help motivate you, and to show how much easier it is. Even £100 saved up over a short period of time can make a huge difference. Instead of wishing you could save, why not just start? With whatever small amount you can afford you can get your savings off the ground. You really will be amazed by how quickly it builds up to a significant sum.


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