Monday, 3 February 2014

Give your child an amazing birthday party on a budget.

Parents naturally want to give their children the best. And for their birthdays, there is increasing pressure to provide amazing parties and gifts, but the costs can spiral and for many families paying for the expense of a child’s birthday party can be an almost impossible task.

Here are some simple tips which will help you to give your child an amazing birthday party on a budget.

Stand your ground – don’t try to keep up with other parents who may be more financially secure. Your child will not lose out if you are still able to give them a special day. Trying to maintain appearances and project an image of wealth can be stressful and expensive.

Limit the numbers – instead of organising a party for everyone in their class, ask them to choose a smaller number of special friends who could be invited to an exclusive birthday tea or picnic.

Be imaginative with party gifts and prizes–be creative in your choice of gifts for the party guests. You do not need to spend hundreds of pounds buying little toys, books and other cute items to give to your child’s friends. A bag of fun-size chocolates, a box of pencils, a tray of bubbles, some sweets, a balloon and funny jokes or activity sheets printed from the internet can be distributed amongst simple party bags and will cost less than £15. Young children will be just as delighted with them.

Avoid the restaurant chains – Parties at fast food chains and play centres cost a fortune. They may be marketed as a cheaper, easier option but in most cases they are not. The majority of venues require the parents to supply the birthday cake, additional food, and any additional prizes or gifts for the children. Usually, it costs around £5.00 per head, but if you calculate the cost of what each child is actually receiving in their party box, you will see these companies are making a fortune at your expense. If you do not have the room or a suitable space at home, you could organise the party at a local park, or enquire about hiring a community centre room for a few hours. You may be surprised how much cheaper it is.

Budget food – Kids don’t eat a lot. If you make a few simple sandwiches, some sausage rolls or cheesy pastries and put some crisps and sweets into bowls, they will be perfectly happy. Use squash instead of fizzy juice too, most parents will thank you for not filling their children with fizzy caffeine, and it is much easier, cheaper and easier on the carpet!


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