Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Give Birthday gifts on a budget

If you have a young family, you will understand the need to always be ready for the sudden need to produce a birthday present for one of your children’s friends. And of course, there are family members and close friends of the family to consider too. Statistics suggest that the average family can spend approximately £300 a year, just on birthday gifts for class mates, friends and relatives. In most cases we imagine it will be much more than this.

Here are some tips to help you give lovely Birthday gifts on a budget.

Save on wrapping paper by starting a wrapping box. Gift bags and paper can be saved from previous gifts given to you and your family. Gift bags cost an average of £2 so it’s worth keeping them. To make sure you do not give a gift bag to the wrong person, keep the old tags on them until you re-use them. Then you will know who gave it to you! Whenever you see cards or wrapping paper on sale, buy a little and put it in the box too. It will come in handy. Try to only buy generic, one colour papers so you can use them for males or females and for any age.

Start a present box too. We all receive items and gifts that we will not use. Keep them safely, label them with a post-it so you know who gave them to you, and then if necessary, and you need gift quickly or are short of cash, you can go to your emergency present box and quickly find something suitable.

Pound shops are great places to find cool and easy gifts for very little money. They always sell little cosmetics, socks, tools or brush sets and often you will find some great bargains like books or pretty tea-towels and kitchenware. There is always something in a Pound store that any age of person will appreciate.


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