Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Are you throwing money in the bin every day?

A recent report in a leading British newspaper reported that the average family is throwing away £60 worth of food per week!

Are you throwing up to three crisp twenty pound notes in the bin every week?

Here are some tips to cut down on wasting food and save money while you do it.

Bulk buying – this was highlighted as the number one reason for waste. People are tempted to buy large quantities of produce that has been sold as offers. Multi-buy options create the habit of buying far more than we need, or can eat. The result is wasted food, and money, straight into the bin.

Huge choice – Did you know that the average family will have over four different cereals stored at home? And often they are thrown out before the boxes are empty. The same is true for frozen ready meals, biscuits, and other packaged dried goods. People will store things in their cupboards and forget about them, then throw them out if they feel they are ‘too old’. Research shows people are throwing food away that has not spoiled and is perfectly safe to eat. We have developed into a throwaway society and moved away from the more fugal shopping and eating habits of the post-war era.

Sell by dates – You should never buy a product that is past its sell by date. However, a sell by date is very different to a use by date. Consumer surveys show that the majority of people to not distinguish between the two, and the results are that perfectly good, fresh food is being thrown away! Check your use by dates before you throw food out.

Would you rip up £60 and throw it into the bin each week? By buying only what you need, and paying attention to how you store and prepare your food, you can make it go much further and cut down on waste completely. And you will save money too.


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