Thursday, 6 February 2014

Where can you find good money advice online?

There are many sites and blogs online featuring information, guidance and advice on how to save money, and how to deal with your finances. But how do you know which advice is correct? A few searches on financial subjects can reveal conflicting advice. As a result, they can sometimes cause more confusion instead of answer questions.

If you are looking for money advice online here are some suggestions on how to find the answers to your questions.

If you need advice about a particular product or service, your first port of call should be the company in question. Most companies will have a customer service team who will be on hand to answer questions and deal with any problems or queries. For financial issues like bank accounts, credit facilities, or savings and insurance policies, you should contact the institution directly and ask to speak to an advisor that specialises in that area.

For information on mortgages you could contact your bank or building society. There are also a number of independent mortgage advisors who have websites full of useful tips and advice for consumers seeking a good mortgage deal.

If you are dealing with debts and need advice on debt consolidation or debt management programmes, your first contact should be an advice service like the Citizen’s Advice. Be cautious about approaching a private debt management company. Although many of them are extremely reputable, there are some that charge high fees for their services. Debt management plans can be set up on your behalf,for no additional cost, by debt services run by public agencies.

If you are looking for general money saving tips, websites like Money Saving Expert are excellent. They offer advice, feedback and comments from other consumers, and tips that can be extremely helpful. There are also many independent financial advisers who can work with you to identify the best solutions for savings, accounts, investments, pensions, insurances and more.


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