Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Mother’s Day On A Budget

Mother’s Day, like many other national celebration days, has turned into a highly commercial occasion. For all of us, there is increasing pressure to spend money on cards, presents, flowers and other specially made ‘Mother’s Day’ gifts. And we will all have noticed how much the prices go up in the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day! For those of us who do want to give your Mums a treat, but who are on a tight budget, here are some great ideas that won’t break the bank.

A note, letter or hand-made card – Your mum will love the personal touch and it will not cost a fortune. The average price of a Mother’s Day card this year has jumped to £4! That may not seem like much, but it adds up when you add a gift, gift bad, flowers, and chocolates etc. And any mother will tell you, a hand written note, or letter from her child will be worth far more, it will be priceless.

Spoil your mum – Give her the day off, properly! If she works in employment on Mothering Sunday, arrange for her to have the day off in advance if you can. If not treat her to a day of relaxation on her first day off. Cook the meals, do all the housework and let her enjoy her own free time in any way she chooses. If you can afford it, take her out for a lovely spring time walk and a quiet lunch.

For our younger readers – clean your room and do your own laundry! This will be a huge help to your mum and it will save her some time she could spend on herself.

Make some of your own ‘Vouchers’ – For example, you could give her vouchers for dusting, hovering, cleaning the bathroom, doing the ironing. Any chore or job around the house that you could help with, turn them into vouchers that your Mum can redeem when she needs a little help. Add some luxury vouchers too, like a bubble bath, or movie night with her friends, breakfast in bed, or a dinner date. The choices are endless.

Give her a gift to start a hobby, but do it with her. You could both enrol at a night class or exercise class. These do not have to be hugely expensive. Some Yoga classes can be as little as £5 for a beginner session. Volunteering is also a great way to spend time with her and take the focus away from money and material items, and instead, turning it toward giving and helping others.

Send her little text messages, funny notes and cool emails all day on Mother’s Day. It will make her smile and feel very loved and special.

There are so many ways to show you care and celebrate Mother’s Day that do not involve walking into a high street store and spending over £50 on impersonal gifts that anyone could buy.



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