Tuesday, 4 February 2014

5 ways to reduce your weekly petrol expenditure

1.    Car pool to work or for the school run. Use social media to find work colleagues or parents who will car pool with you. It will save everyone involve a significant amount of money on fuel, and if you take it in turns to use cars, it cuts down on mileage and wear and tear too.

2.    Order your supermarket shopping online and have it delivered. Most supermarket deliveries cost approximately £2.50, depending upon the time and day of delivery. The UK’s average cost for fuel to drive into a town or retail park, then shop at a supermarket, and return home, is £5.

3.    Plan your week more effectively. Instead of driving back and forth, running up the mileage and making many small visits to town, plan your week. Spend the day doing a number of things, drive in, park in a central location and walk to all the places you need to visit. You’ll get some exercise and you will save on fuel.

4.    Leave a little earlier in the mornings. Driving in slow rush hour traffic, or driving at speed uses more fuel than driving at a steady and regular pace in a higher gear. By leaving a little earlier, you can avoid getting stuck in queues of traffic, and you can also avoid trying to drive fast when the road is clear. Instead, you can enjoy a steady drive to work and reduce your fuel consumption.

5.    Don’t stick to one petrol station. Shop around. Prices fluctuate from week to week so check online or using your mobile device and buy your petrol at the cheapest rate. It can be tempting to stick to one petrol station if you have a loyalty card, but think carefully whether the benefits you receive on the card are as much of a saving as always going where the cheapest fuel is being sold.


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