Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Keep an eye out for holiday special offers and last minute deals

Last minute deals and special offers for package holidays are a great way to enjoy the sun this summer, without having to pay high prices. And the last minute deals are not always so last minute. Today, after a simple search online, the results revealed deals available for holidays in May and June.

It is worth remembering that as soon as a hotel or holiday resort can see that it needs to boost bookings or if certain weeks need to be filled, they will offer these places at discounted prices. That’s why there are deals to be found every single day, throughout the year. And it works for hotels and flights too. So if you are organising your own holiday you can still take advantage of some great bargains.

You can make your job easier by adding some Google alerts for specific destinations. For example if you are looking for two weeks on the Italian coast, set an alert for “Beach holiday, Italy, special offers”, or “Italy, coast, last minute deals”.

There is a saying within the travel industry, “No one really knows how much a flight costs.” This is so true, and it could be said for booking any type of travel service, holiday package, or accommodation. It is a buyer’s market so go out there and search for the bargains, there is no doubt you will find them.

This tactic also works for weekend breaks, theatre breaks, and for special offers at restaurants, cafes, retailers, and leisure facilities. Get into the habit of looking for offers and deals. It will save you a lot of money, while you are still able to enjoy the best in life.


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