Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Grow your own vegetables and watch your savings grow!

Did you know that growing your own vegetables saves you money? In addition to being a much healthier option, home grown vegetables are a way to save a significant amount of money each week during the spring, summer and early autumn. Here’s an example:

A kilogram bag of potatoes costs an average of £2.00. These are not speciality potatoes. They are basic white varieties, usually regarded as the cheapest option. An average family will go through 2 kg of potatoes per week. So over the course of 8 weeks, you will have spent £32 on potatoes. That may not seem like a lot of money, but when you compare it to the savings you can make per vegetable, it is huge.

For £2.00 you can buy enough seed potatoes to create a crop that will last you over 6 weeks.One seed potato will turn into one plant which will yield an average of 10 potatoes, or the equivalent of a medium sized bag of them.You’ll get around 20 plants from one bag of seed potatoes. That is a bumper crop and if you plant them in early spring you will have potatoes from late June right through until the end of August.

This works for all the other vegetables too, in fact, the savings are even greater, one bag of carrot seeds, or lettuce seeds costs around 99p and will yield you over 100 carrots and lettuces! You can’t buy 100 carrots or 100 lettuces for 99p anywhere.

There is a myth that gardening is expensive and hard work, and it is just not true. Planting seeds for vegetables is the easiest, healthiest, and cheapest way of giving your family wonderful fresh vegetables for a very low cost. And it is so rewarding! You can also preserve or freeze your crops after cooking, to be used during the winter months.

With a vegetable patch, you can cut an average annual spend on vegetables by up to 75%! Why give the supermarkets your hard earned cash when you can keep it and use for your family instead?


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