Thursday, 27 February 2014

Valentine’s Treats That don’t Break The Bank

Valentine’s Day is a time for romance and giving your loved one a special treat. If you look at the shops, it would be easy to presume Valentine’s Day means spending huge amounts of money on expensive nonsense that no one needs!

A quick look at social media will reveal a huge number of people who are saying no to unnecessary expense this year, and instead, they are opting for more meaningful and less pricey Valentine options. Here are some of the best ideas, seen recently on the internet.

Beautiful scented flowers – A bunch of cheap carnations costs at least five pounds. Garden centres all over the country are encouraging men to plant lilies for their loved ones. A bag of ten bulbs costs less than £5 and will be enjoyed all summer long.

A valentine themed box of chocolates costs more than £10, just because of the packaging. However, you can buy a huge box of fancy chocolates from a high street chain for £5, if the box does not have love hearts on it!

Does your loved one really need another £20 cuddly toy? Instead, why not use the money to buy a bottle of wine and rent a DVD for a romantic night in? Many people are choosing this option instead.

A recent survey revealed that the majority of people long to have their partner run them a hot bath and give them the night off. Do it. It costs nothing.

Write a note instead of buying a card. In the top ten of women’s romantic wishes, number three is receiving a love note or letter from a partner.

Although cards, red roses and fancy chocolates are all lovely, they can never replace real romance which is all about caring and consideration, and giving your partner the feeling that they are cared for and cherished. That is something that does not need to be branded, packaged, or cost a fortune.


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