Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Looking Good For Less

We all have times when we wish we had more money to spend on clothes, accessories and fashion items. Unfortunately, for most of us, even when we work hard to earn a living, it is not possible to regularly buy the most popular designer labels and fashion must-haves.

Here are some clever tips that will help men and women look good for less.

Buy from the sales - Sales are great places to find bargains that cost a fraction of the full price items. Be careful to only buy what you are looking for, and always check sales items for faults or damage. The mistake many people make is buying items at sale price when they don’t need them. If you use the sales as an opportunity to buy the things you need at a bargain price, you will save a lot of money in a year. The clothes will not be out of fashion, and if you shop carefully, you will find excellent quality clothes made by leading brands.

Re-vamp your existing wardrobe – You can save a lot of money by giving your existing clothes a new lease of life. You don’t need to be a sewing expert or a fashion designer to transform older clothes and give them a new look. Try replacing the buttons on an old coat to give it a brand new, up to date look. Simple white t-shirts can be transformed with some fun decorating using fabric paints or fabric pens. A set of fabric pens will cost as little as £5 online and you can use them to add doodles, funny quotes, or crazy patterns to a t-shirt.

Accessorize – Using scarves, hats, belts and other accessories in an imaginative way can make an outfit look completely different. Instead of spending a huge sum on a new outfit, why not buy new accessories to transform your existing outfit? No-one will know and in most cases, the clever use of jewellery, scarves, shoes, and mixing and matching different items in your wardrobe, will make an old outfit look brand new.


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