Friday, 28 February 2014

Take-Away Food – Bad For Your Waistline And Your Wallet

We all love fast food! As a treat, there is nothing better than a pizza, curry or Chinese take-away. However, if you are on a budget and trying to save money, cutting back on the amount of fast food you buy can make a huge difference.

The average cost of a take-away for a family of four is now £25. Just five years ago it was £12! Fast food chains have become very good at disguising how much they are charging by creating meal deals and changing their menus. And of course, prices have gone up across the board for everything, from the basic ingredients to energy costs and service charges. So it is no real shock that fast food costs so much money.

Instead of having a weekly takeaway, consider some other options. Freshly made pizza from the supermarket costs around £3, whereas pizza from a pizzeria will cost around £6. For three large pizzas for a whole family to share, you could buy them instead of having them delivered.

No one is suggesting we never enjoy ourselves or stop buying take-away entirely. However, cutting back to maybe one a fortnight instead of one per week will save a significant amount of money that you can put to good use elsewhere.

Indications are that the cost of living is going to continue to rise while the wages will remain fairly static. In addition, this means that prices at shops, restaurants, and take-away chains will also continue to increase. Unless our wages start to climb with inflation, there will be little option for the majority of us but to cut back and live more carefully.

Cutting back on fast food will have a huge effect on your diet and weight too. Fast food is known to be high in sugar, salt and fat, all of which are known to be triggers for heart disease, diabetes and cancers.

Give your body, and your wallet, a huge treat by cutting back on the amount of fast food you buy. Try it for just a month. You will quickly see a difference in your bank balance and your waist band!


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