Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Making your holiday money go further

After a year of working hard, there is nothing better than the achievement of enjoying a well-earned rest on a wonderful family holiday. Even if you have saved well and have a healthy amount of spending money, it can often get used up quickly.

Expenses like drinks and meals bought away from your hotel can add up, especially if you have a young family. Here are some simple tips to help you make your spending money last a little longer.

Soft drinks are extremely expensive abroad. Popular drinks like Coca Cola and other branded soft drinks are extremely expensive. Instead, choosing fruit juices with sparkling water is a cheaper option. The drinks are refreshing and they are certainly healthier for your children with much less sugar.

Fill up on a large breakfast. If you are staying at a hotel, breakfast is usually included and they are usually served as buffet style affairs with a wide choice of different breakfast foods. Having a large hearty breakfast will set you up for the whole morning and most of the afternoon. You’ll then be able to save spending on an expensive restaurant lunch by just having a quick snack until dinner. Try to stick to only one large meal per day, plus a large breakfast. You will find that you have more than enough to eat and you’ll save a lot of money too.

Food is much cheaper in Europe. The markets in countries like Spain and France are full of the most beautiful fresh produce. Instead of paying a premium for a sit down lunch, why not go to a charming market and buy fresh bread, cheese and some fruit and wine? It will cost a fraction of the price, and in the lovely sunny weather it will be a treat to eat alfresco.

When you are on holiday, you will want to treat yourself and live it up. You should do that, so why waste money on unnecessary expenses like costly restaurants and needless expenses? Instead, make savings where you can so that you can afford to buy that gorgeous souvenir or treat yourself to the experience of a lifetime.


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