Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Do loyalty cards really save us money?

Yes and no! The truth is some loyalty cards can be useful and give you a reasonable return on your loyalty. Tesco, Boots, The Cooperative and Nectar cards are all regarded as some of the better cards.

Make no mistake; a loyalty card is a form of marketing. It is a way of encouraging you to continue being a customer and keep buying. If you are given a loyalty card for a company you usually use anyway, then it is a bonus. However, if you are only going to that store because of its loyalty card, you may not be making the savings you are hoping for.

There are many supermarkets that do not offer loyalty cards, but they sell their groceries at incredibly reasonable prices, and they are much cheaper than other leading supermarket chains.

Nectar points are excellent because you can shop in a variety of shops and all your points go into the one nectar account. Nectar points can be exchanged for many things, including air miles. There have been cases where a family has saved all its nectar points and been able to buy flights for a wonderful international holiday after just a couple of years.

It would not be accurate to say that loyalty cards save you money. They do give you a small percentage back on your purchases and over time this can build up, rather like a traditional dividend. If you really want to save money however, the best way is to find the items you need at their cheapest price. You’ll save much more money that way, than by relying on loyalty points alone.

The best loyalty cards are the ones that give you the most flexibility by giving you widest choice of how to collect your points, and spend your points.Regard them as a bonus for shopping, not a saving on your shopping.


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