Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Magazines and Newspapers are more expensive than they seem

Do you regularly buy newspapers and magazines? Consumer statistics indicate that most households will by one newspaper per day and a magazine per week. Let’s consider how much newspapers and magazines really cost. Would you save any money if you stopped buying them?

A newspaper costs between 50p and £1, with a national average of 75p per paper. If you buy a paper 7 days per week, that comes to £273.50 per year.

A woman’s glossy fashion magazine costs between £2.00 and £5.00. And the national average is £3.50 per magazine. If you buy one average priced magazine per week, the total cost in a year would be £182.

A men’s magazine also has a similar average price, so if the man of the house also buys a magazine per week it will be another £182 per year.

Children’s magazines cost between £1.50 and £3, the average being £1.50. If you have two children (the national average family size) and if both children get one magazine per week, it comes to a total of £156 per year.

So, in a year, you could be spending an average of £793.50 – nearly £800!

£800 pounds is enough to pay for a short family break for a week. It is just under the average amount of money a family will spend on household items at Christmas and New Year. Over many years, if you added it to your car or mortgage payments, it would help clear the loans more quickly.

With mobile web in the palms of our hands, access to the internet everywhere we go, and breaking news available on social media and major websites, there is less of a need for buying newspapers and magazines.

The next time you are in a news agent’s and tempted to pick up a pile of magazines, ask yourself; what you would use the money for if you saved it instead?


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