Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Keeping your children happy on a rainy day can be expensive!

When the weather is bad, and the kids are off school, it can result in additional expense trying to keep them happy and occupied. Here are some great tips for activities and fun days out that will keep them happy on a rainy day, without breaking the bank.

It’s common knowledge that a trip to the cinema can prove to be very expensive. If you have a family of four or more, the costs can easily spiral to over £60 just to see one family film. Most cinema chains offer discounts and offers on certain days of the week. In addition they also encourage families by offering family tickets to the cinema and these can often save you around 25% on the regular ticket price. Check local listings and go online to see when the offers are available.

Local attractions, sports facilities, and entertainment complexes also offer a range of family tickets which makes visiting much cheaper. A day at the swimming pool, for example, can be very reasonable and the children will love it. Many swimming pools offer kids free places on Saturday family sessions, which will keep the price down and encourage your family to get active and enjoy some fun exercise.

Eating out can be especially expensive when you take your family out. Watch out for restaurant chains that offer great family meal offers. These are usually a set menu for four or more people and work out much cheaper than ordering from the a la carte menu. Kid’s menus are not always cheaper so take your time and compare prices on the menu carefully. Sometimes is better to order an adult meal and share it between two children rather than go for the lower quality kids’ option. Your children can enjoy the same good quality food that the adults are eating, and you will save money too. A side order of fries can be shared at the table, and a salad will bulk up what you have ordered.

With a little imagination and pre-planning, your family days out don’t need to be super expensive.


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