Thursday, 27 February 2014

Looking After Your Car Can Easily Save You Money

Cars can be a drain on our finances. In addition to the shockingly high price of fuel, the cost of upkeep, MOTs, and regular services all add up. Here are some tips to help you keep your car running well for longer and prevent some unexpected, unwanted expenses.

A recent consumer survey suggests that the majority of people do not regularly check the air pressure on their tyres. This is especially important in the UK climate because we have such huge rises and drops in temperature throughout the year. Keeping the air pressure in your tyres correct and checking it regularly will lengthen the life of your tyres. Having them balanced regularly will also help to maintain them because you will prevent uneven bald spots from developing over time.

Check your oil. A large percentage of people do not keep their cars topped up with oil. This can put extra pressure on the engine, which over time can reduce the life of the engine. An engine that is struggling to run smoothly will also use up more fuel. So by keeping the oil topped up and looking after the engine, you will get better performance, your engine will have a longer life and you will improve your fuel economy too.

Going on a lot of short journeys when you spend a lot of time in a lower gear uses up more fuel than one smooth, steady journey over a longer distance. If you are only nipping to the shop, walk, don’t drive! It will save you a fortune over a whole year and reduce wear and tear on your engine, gears and breaks.

Life is very difficult without a car, but for most owners, there are times when they are using their vehicles unnecessarily. In addition, we are all so used to modern cars, it is easy to forget they are machines that need to be cared for and maintained. Looking after your car and only using it when you have to, will reduce costs, in fuel and upkeep.


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