Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Are you paying too much for your mobile phone?

There are so many mobile offers available it can be difficult to know whether you are getting a good deal or not.

Here are some simple suggestions to help you identify the best mobile phone deal.

The first way to save money on your mobile phone is to decide on your monthly budget rather than the phone model. Unfortunately, mobile phones like iPhones and high-end Androids are so sought after, often consumers sign up for contract deals that are costly, simply so they can access the phone they want.

Instead, deciding on your budget and looking for your phone within that price will keep the costs down.

Another tip is to look at what your monthly payment gets you. You may be entitled to free minutes per month, free texts, and free internet usage. Check what the offer includes and try to pick a tariff that covers your normal usage. If you go over your included free usage, you may find the costs spiral, as the standard tariffs for calls from mobile phones are extremely high.

If you and your partner and children all have mobile phones, it is worth contacting your provider to find out if you can negotiate a multiple phone contract. This can often save you significant amounts of money equivalent to the savings of one monthly phone contract for free.

The mobile phone companies rely on the fact that we all need and want a mobile phone, and that the majority of people will be looking for the latest and most desirable model. Before you are tempted by a seemingly good deal, check the fine print, check the standard tariff, and make sure you are not signing up for a service which will end up being very expensive indeed.


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