Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Eating out – Take Advantage Of Offers!

Eating out is a treat and not the norm. In America, families eat out up to four and five times per week, it is part of their culture and food prices in restaurants and diners are much cheaper comparatively than they are here in the UK.

We’re not suggesting that you eat out so many times per week, but we have noticed an increase in the number of offers being promoted by restaurants as a way of attracting customers in. It’s worth keeping an eye out for these offers so you and your family can take advantage of them and enjoy a meal out for much less.

Many of the restaurant chains and other family pubs which serve food are offering great family meal time options. Some have all you can eat buffet tables with a set price for children and adults. There are also a number of family restaurants offering two kid’s meals free when two adult meals are purchased.

A two for one offer at lunch time is increasingly popular, especially amongst the office workers who are looking for a cheap lunch. Generally, these involve choosing from a range of dishes and they include a drink too, for example, burger and chips, or a pasta dish and choice of soft drink or beer.

A simple search online revealed offers for lunch or a family dinner in most towns in the UK can cost as little as £5 per head. While this is not economical if you are buying them every day, it is great as a treat on a family day out or as a change during the weekend.

Look out for offers from independent retailers and coffee shops too. Many of them will offer discounts or free desserts and reduced prices for children.

Keep your eye out on the local press and online. It’s worth following your favourite restaurants and local establishments on social media. This is where the majority of special offers are promoted on a daily basis.


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