Monday, 21 October 2013

Financial stress can be harmful to your health!

As the colder weather approaches, many people are already picking up colds and flu. During this time of year, we are more susceptible to stress. The nights are getting darker, it is colder, and everyone is back at work, and the kids are at school.
This is a time of year when it can feel as if things are starting to get more expensive again too. The heating and lighting bills go up. The weekly shopping bill might go up a little as we stock up on winter foods, and with the family back at work and school, daily expenses like fuel, lunch money, and transport costs can all add up.

With every season comes change in the weather, and for many families it also brings change in finances. Don’t let the end of summer get you down. Stress and worry can make you even more susceptible to colds and bugs that may be going around.

We are all naturally less active during the autumn and winter months, so do what you can to rest as much as possible when you are not working. Eat plenty of healthy, wholesome foods to keep up your energy reserves, and make sure you are getting a little exercise every day.

This may sound like odd advice to help you through difficult financial times, but in fact, taking excellent care of yourself will help you keep stress and illness at bay, which will in turn, keep you stronger and more able to deal with any issue that crops up.

Being short of cash, and worrying about how to make ends meet can feel even worse when you are struggling with a cold, hungry and exhausted! Be good to yourself. Give yourself a chance to stay in control and always do what’s best for you. If you need extra cash to help you through an emergency, you can consider all the options available to you and make a much clearer and more informed decision if you are rested, calm and in control.

Have a great autumn, stay cozy and above all, remember to look after yourself!


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