Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Is buying organic produce really an expensive option?

Recent consumer surveys highlight a popular belief that organic produce is far more expensive than its non-organic counterpart. This is largely due to the pricing policies of the supermarkets from where the majority of consumers buy their groceries.

However, a growing number of people are sourcing wonderful fresh organic vegetables and meat, straight from farmers, using organic producer networks, farmers markets, and farm shops. While there is still a perception that this option is much more expensive, in most cases this is not true.

There are some companies offering a delivery service of local organic produce. Vegetable and meat boxes  are extremely competitively priced and in many cases, the quality of the produce and the quantity sent, makes it comparable with supermarket prices, if not slightly cheaper.

What are the advantages of buying fresh organic produce direct from a farm supplier?

You are cutting down on the additional costs of packaging, marketing and supermarket overheads.

You are supporting your local economy and local farms by buying locally grown produce.

Organic food is healthier, free of pesticides and chemicals. No genetically modified foods, bleaching agents or chemically treated foods.

Organic, fresh vegetables last longer. How many times have you been annoyed by how quickly your fruit and vegetables from the supermarket spoil?

In a simple study, enough vegetables, eggs and bread for a family of four were purchased from a supermarket and from an organic supplier. The organic supplier was £5 cheaper. Now, while this may not be the case in all parts of the country, the trend is growing and more suppliers are cropping up all over the UK.

Have you noticed that supermarkets always compare their prices with other competing chains, but they are not comparing their prices with the organic producers? That’s because the farmers are often cheaper, and because they say, they can’t compare like with like!

Do some research and find out what local farmers and producers are selling in our area. They will be selling their produce direct to the public either from a farm shop, market or online. You may be surprised by how many cheaper, healthier and fresher alternatives you are able find.


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