Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Enjoy A Trip To the Movies Without Spending A Fortune

The average cost for a family of four to enjoy a film at the cinema is now £60! That is an amount of money which many families are simply unable to spare. £60 makes up a significant part of the weekly budget for the majority of families.

However, we all deserve a treat. And after a hard working week, sometimes it’s important to enjoy some leisure time and get away from the stresses of the week by watching a good film at the cinema.

Here are some methods growing numbers of people are using to make a trip to the movies much cheaper.

Look out for special offers. Most cinemas have discount days or offers for family tickets.

Growing numbers of families are taking a bag of sweets and a small drink for each child with them. The average price for one medium juice, medium popcorn, and one bag of sweets at the cinema is a shocking £9! Yes, the average unit price for most items bought in a cinema is £3. If you have two or three children, this can really add up. It should be noted however, that many cinemas do not permit customers to consume food or beverages bought outside their premises during the showing of a film. Its best check with your cinema and decide on the best course of action.

Another, cheaper option is to take them to a fast food chain like McDonalds or KFC. They offer children’s boxes and smaller cheaper menu options for between £0.99 and £1.70. And your family will be just as happy with a pre-movie trip to their favourite burger or fast food retailer as they will be with expensive popcorn that usually ends up on the floor!

If you are a regular cinema goer, get yourself a loyalty card. Over time these can also give you savings on treats from the popcorn stand, and on tickets to see films.


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