Saturday, 1 March 2014

Growing Numbers Of People Have More Than One Job

Increasingly, the trend for many people is to have more than one job or source of income. Sadly, the cost of living is making it extremely hard for families to survive on the traditional one wage scenario. Today, it is rare to find a family where only one adult works. In most cases, both parents of a family will have some sort of income or employment, and in some cases, even the older children have a small part time job too.

While this is highly commendable and shows willingness to work for what we have in life, it is also a sad indication of how difficult life has become now. For many families, the pressure of paying bills and making ends meet means that sacrifices have to be made, and in most cases, this sacrifice is time spent together.

Shift work, unusual working patterns and having to attend to different jobs on a daily basis can all take their toll on an individual’s health and well-being. And in most cases, finances do not allow for a change in circumstances.

If you have to work hard at two jobs, then you should congratulate yourself for your hard work and dedication! You are to be praised for the time you are sacrificing for your family to have a secure life. Just don’t forget, that you too need to rest and recuperate. And you also need to feel the benefits and rewards of all your hard work.

Resting as often as you can, enjoying fresh air, exercise and quality time with your loved ones will help you get through a hard working week and deal with the pressures of keeping two jobs. Delegating chores at home will ease the pressure on you when you return. If the whole family shares in everything that needs to be done, you will automatically all have more time together, and you will all be happier too.


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