Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A Fun Night In At No Extra Expense!

Over the last few years, while we have all been struggling to survive the double recession, there have been a number of leisure activities and entertainment options that have grown in popularity. The desire to save money, cut back on expenditure and still enjoy life has encouraged millions of families to identify much cheaper and even free ways to enjoy their leisure time. Here are some of the most popular ways to have fun with no additional expense.

Walking and Cycling – these leisurely sporting activities are hugely popular with people of all ages. Walking is free and even urban areas have lovely walks along rivers, canals and in parks. Cycle hire is extremely inexpensive, so individuals wanting to enjoy a leisurely cycle without the investment of buying a bike can do so very cheaply. Don’t forget that if you are cycling you will need a helmet too.

Evening classes – A course of evening classes at a local adult education college or night school can cost as little as £5 per class. It does depend upon the subject you choose, but the prices are usually extremely reasonable, and many of the courses result in a vocational qualification or certificate. Look out for free taster sessions or classes that have funding in your local area. There are usually local government projects that offer free classes for certain subjects.

A home-made takeaway – This is an idea that was originally started by a well-known TV chef. The idea is to enjoy your favourite take-away food, but instead of buying it, enjoy cooking it instead. While some foods can be expensive to replicate, like Thai or Japanese food, other favourites are extremely cheap. For example, grilled chicken kebabs, pizzas, fried rice, stir fries and pasta dishes can be made for much less than the takeaway price. Make sure you have a great movie to watch on TV while you are enjoying your home-made takeaway.


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