Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The shocking price of Easter Eggs

The Easter Eggs are for sale in the shops already! Before you buy yours, take a minute to consider whether you are really buying a bargain. We’re not suggesting you don’t get your children an egg this Easter, but it is worth pointing out just how much the price of these seasonal confections has risen in the last two years!

Some Easter egg prices have almost tripled! Now, it may seem that they cost the same, but the packaging and marketing of these chocolate eggs is very clever, and disguising just how expensive they are becoming.

The medium sized Cadbury Eggs like Crème Egg, Flake and Caramel were £1 each in 2010. Last year they were sold at £3. Some shops are selling them at £4 this year, or 3 for £10, so no drop in price there, just another increase! Even Tesco’s own brand chocolate egg has double in price over the last few years. These figures were published last Easter by a consumer survey website, and looking at the prices available this year, very little much has remained at the same price.

In addition, the amount of chocolate is gradually being reduced in all brands. The eggs are not as thick and heavy as they once were, and the packaging is cleverly designed to make the eggs look much bigger than they actually are. Paper is much cheaper than chocolate!

The supermarkets and big chains are bearing the brunt of the blame for the hike in prices, however, there is also some indication that the perceived shortage of coco on the global market is making chocolate much more expensive.

Our advice is to shop around. Check the weight of chocolate you are buying and be careful with offers, they are not always giving you the discount or bargain price that they seem to be.


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