Thursday, 20 March 2014

Imagine A Week In A Country Cottage

Spending part of your summer vacation in a country cottage was once the choice of the middle classes. Now, this option is increasingly the top choice for working families on a budget. It’s an option that is particularly popular amongst families who are not keen on going abroad to spend the obligatory two weeks spit-roasting on the beach!

There are literally thousands of holiday cottages all over England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland that are privately own and run. There are also hundreds of websites listing them, making it easy to book them for your own two weeks of rural heaven.

The average cost for a week’s stay in a two bedroom cottage for a family of four is £300, £75 per head per week. The majority of European hotels will charge that per person per night!

Staying in a country cottage gives you the freedom and comfort of living at a home from home.Many of them allow pets so if you have a dog you don’t need to worry about paying kennel rental fees either. Feeding your family will cost the same as it usually does, and adding a little extra to your budget to cover a few meals out will not hurt given the savings you’ll make on the price of your accommodation.

There are usually bikes to hire and activities to enjoy that are cheap or free, nearby too. It is within a cottage owner’s interests to make these things available and provide guests with information on the leisure activities available to them in the local area.

Start looking now if you are interested in a cottage holiday for you and your family. The best cottages and cheapest bargains get booked up very quickly. Remember that the more popular the area the more expensive it can be, so it’s also worth looking at other areas of the UK that are just as beautiful and welcoming but maybe not so touristy.


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