Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Make Sure You Have Enough Money During the Holidays!

Summer is well and truly here, the kids are off school and the sun is out! Many of us are thinking about heading off on holiday now. Whether you are going off toward sun, sea and sand abroad, or whether you are planning to enjoy the best of what Britain has to offer, it’s always best to make sure you have enough money to see you through while you are away form home.

Running out of cash when you are on holiday and away from home can put a real dampener on things! So, it’s best to be prepared and organised with some spare cash for just in case. Holidays always prove to be more expensive than we anticipated.

Being away from home and nowhere near your own bank to arrange for extra cash can be difficult. Knowing you have some spare in case you need it will put your mind at rest. If you find you do need emergency cash while you are away, don’t panic.

One option, if you need to consider it, is to get yourself online and speak to us here at DoshDelivery. We can help you out with a short term loan if you are stuck away from home and need some money.

As long as you meet the criteria of being a UK citizen, in employment in the UK and have an active bank account and home address here, you can apply, wherever you are!

Take care while you are on holiday, take the amount of cash you think you will need and then take a little extra emergency money too. Then, if you do experience an emergency while you are away, and need some help, a short term payday loan is always there for you to consider as an option.

Have a great summer!


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