Saturday, 1 March 2014

Do You Pay For Satellite TV?

We are all aware that television is digital now. However, we have the choice of using Freeview or paying a subscription for a satellite or cable service.

Paying a monthly subscription for satellite or cable television channels can be extremely expensive.

One satellite company, charges almost £90 per month for a package which include all the channels, including movie channels and sports channels. £90 per month equates to £1080 per year. It is a significant sum! However, many families are more than happy to pay it because of the level of choice and home entertainment it gives them. And certainly, in that respect, it is cheaper than a trip to the cinema once a week for a family of four!

If you and your family do not watch a great deal of television, a Freeview option may be the best choice. All you will need to purchase is the box and a suitable television. The number of free channels that are available via Freeview services is always increasing too. A number of consumer forums online are indicating that many people who were once monthly subscribers are moving to the free options to save some money and cut back on additional expense. If you are looking for ways to save money and cut down on monthly bills, this is one that will reduce and save you a helpful amount of money each month.

Subscriptions to online, multi-device services like LoveFilm or Netflix are also increasingly popular. People can choose the films or series they want to watch and on average, the price of the subscription is as little as £5 per month, which is a huge saving when compared to £90 per month.

Shop around and look at all the options available to you. Check the prices given by different providers and look at ways of creating packages of TV, mobile, broadband and telephone that may save you money each month.


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