Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Two simple tips to help you save money in the sales

The January sales are in full swing again! At the moment, the shops are full of bargains, all tempting us to spend even more money. But how can you tell if an item is really a bargain? Do some items appear to be bargains when really they are not? Here are some simple tips to help you save money during the sales.

If you go shopping during the sales, it can be very easy to be attracted by the banners advertising huge discounts and the savings that can be made. The first rule of sales shopping is, never buy anything you do not need, or were not looking for in the first place. Shops are very clever at making us all ‘think’ we need the items they are displaying. For example, if you know you are looking for boots, have had an eye on a pair and you see them, finally discounted, then that’s a bargain! However, if you don’t need them, weren’t looking for them and only buy them because they are advertised as 50% off the normal price of £100, the truth is, you haven’t saved £50, you have spent £50 unnecessarily!

Another good tip is to keep an eye out for real deals. Supermarkets will offer buy one get one free items, or they will encourage you to buy two and get three. Keep an eye on these offers, they can represent real savings for you, however, what’s the point of buying three packs of fresh produce if they are going to go to waste and end up in the bin? You will start to notice that many of the ‘BOGOF’ offers rarely include long lasting store cupboard items. Most often, supermarkets will offer items that are fresh, in season, and in plentiful supply, e.g. cheap! And that’s why they can afford to sell them at an offer price.

If you have a freezer and plenty of room, these bargains can save you money, but don’t be tempted to load up your trolley with offers simply because they appear to be bargains, you could end up putting most of it in the bin. And that is a huge waste of food and money.

Don’t fall for the sales hype that shops and supermarkets bombard you with. If you are savvy, you will spot the real bargains and be able to save yourself money on the items you really need.


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