Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Eat well, for less.

Are you on a healthy eating plan after the excesses of Christmas and New Year? Here are some simple tips to help you eat well for less money. Diet foods and ready meals can be extremely costly and at this time of year especially, produce that is out of season can cost more.

Cook for fun and health – Consider making a huge pot of chilli or bolognaise and then freeze portions of it to be used during the week when you are busy and too tired to cook. After time you will build up an excellent freezer store cupboard of wholesome home-cooked meals that will have cost a fraction of the price when compared to a ready meal. It does not need to cost a lot of money and you can cook at the weekend when you have time. It is fun and the whole family can help.

Reduce the amount of fat you use – avoid frying, and consider grilling or steaming. Investing in a steamer will save you a fortune in energy bills from using all the rings on your cooker. A good steamer will let you cook three or four vegetables, potatoes and fish or meat all at once. It saves you time, energy, and is much healthier than frying food. Consider one-pot cooking too. It uses the same principle and cuts down on the amount of gas or electricity you are using.

Eat more raw fruit and vegetables. Fruit and vegetable are not expensive. In fact, they are much cheaper than processed foods, frozen foods, and even fresh butcher meat. They are packed full of vitamins and minerals and are filling and tasty. A simple vegetable curry can feed an entire family of four and costs as little as £4 to make.

By getting creative, and thinking about preparing healthy, tasty, and simple food, you will be able to enjoy a healthy diet and save money too.


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