Saturday, 18 January 2014

Are you thinking about a summer holiday?

At this time of year, many people start thinking about getting away from the bad weather and heading towards sunnier shores. As a result, travel agencies and holiday companies always advertise in early January, keen to take advantage of the trend to book a holiday after the Festive season.

Weekends, Friday nights in particular, are also known in the travel trade, as one of the best times to encourage people to book last minute get away deals. They are at home, with their feet up and a glass of wine, feeling a little bored, and before they know it, they have booked a holiday!

You can take advantage of this selling tactic to find yourself some excellent bargains. Look for cheap holidays and flights early in the week. The last minute deals not sold at the weekend will be even cheaper, especially flights that are scheduled for only a few days away. If you are flexible about when you can leave, it’s a great way to find a cheap flight or package deal.

For longer holidays, look for bargains just after a big sales push. For example, if you start looking for a romantic Valentine’s weekend away at the moment, it will cost you a lot more money. Make a decision with your partner to go just after Valentine’s Day or later in February and you will see a dramatic change in the price for the same holiday.

There’s a popular saying within the travel industry – no one really knows how much a plane tickets costs. And it is true. It can literally vary from day to day. Sometimes it can change within the hour! If you start to watch the travel industry, and get to know when they promote, and when they are offering bargains, you will soon learn the best times to look and buy. And you will also start to recognise the real bargains too.


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