Friday, 17 January 2014

Have a clear out and make a little extra cash with E-bay.

At this time of year many of us are feeling the pinch. Increased expenditure during the festive season will have put a strain on our finances. In addition, January is traditionally a gloomy month. People are back to work and the weather is cold, miserable and dank.

Here is a way of beating the January blues, cheering yourself up, and making a little extra cash. Have a clear out! You will be amazed at the items in your home that could easily be sold via E-bay or at a table top or car boot sale. Many of us will have unwanted Christmas gifts, or we will need to have a clear out to make way for the new items we acquired at Christmas.

E-bay is an excellent way of selling single items or small batches of good quality items. It is not expensive, and it is a great way to recoup some money. One mistake many people make is to charge too much for their items. Remember, selling second hand or used items on E-bay usually involve an auction. People are looking for bargains. If you set the price to high, or are too greedy, you are less likely to get success. The most popular items will go for a reasonable amount of money anyway, but you will notice many people selling bags and shoes that match the retail price! Unless they are sure these items are genuine, and really brand new, many people will not bid on them.

People who buy supposedly brand new designer items for knock-down prices on E-bay are not always getting what they pay for. The rating and feedback system on E-bay is very good, so you will soon start to develop an eye for the real bargains. This will help you decide how much to sell your own items for. Keep the prices reasonable and fair.

Start with a few simple sales and see how you get on before adding more. Within a week or two you will find things starting to sell and the money will trickle in!


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