Tuesday, 21 January 2014

How to save more than £1000 in the blink of an eye

It seems like a lot but this article show you how easy it easy to save more than a £1000 in one year without having to try too hard or be deprived of the necessities.

Coffee – Did you know that the average worker spends an average of £5 per day on coffee alone? That’s not even lunch or snacks. Just a take-out coffee in the morning and then one during the day, and this is just the average. Research indicates that many people will have three take-out coffees a day. When you consider that one medium Cappuccino costs around £2.60, three coffees adds up to £7.80, in one day! If you work a five day week for 48 weeks in the year, that could add up to a massive £1872! So, why not take a flask to work? Or get together with some colleagues to buy a jar of coffee, some team bags, sugar and milk. The money you save buying designer coffees could pay for your holiday next year.

Ready meals – So many people purchase and eat ready meals. It is understanding bale, not everyone has the time or energy to cook a meal after a hard day at work. But here are some sobering figures that may encourage you to cut back on ready meals and consider a more nutritional home-cooked option. The average price of a ready meal today is £2.25 approximately. This price was the average from a sample of twenty-five different ready meals. For a family of four, that comes to £9.00, for one meal. Instead, you could buy a pack of mince beef, a jar of bolognaise and a packet of pasta for less that £7.00, feed the entire family in less than half an hour and pocket the £2.00 saved. Let’s say you cook a meal for three nights a week, for an entire year. You would save a massive £312. This is a significant amount of money, especially when you consider what could be done with just over £300. At the moment, it’s possible to purchase a brand new family saloon for £275 per month. Or, looking at the statistical averages, £300 per month is what families spend in total on mobile phones, telephone, broadband, and TV channels. And all you would need to do to save this amount is cook a simple meal three times per week.

We’ll be sharing more ideas for saving money in the coming weeks. Let us know your tips for saving.


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