Monday, 20 January 2014

Consider supermarket shopping online to save money.

A recent report published in the news this week, says that increasing numbers of us are shopping online. Even grocery shopping is now being done online and the high street shops and big chains stores are seeing a significant drop in the numbers of shoppers visiting their stores.

You can save yourself a significant amount of money if you shop online. Here are some simple tips that could save you a lot of money. And just imagine what you could do with a little extra each month!

Supermarket online shopping is increasingly popular, so is EBay. In fact, all the online retailers offering significant discounts and goods at a cheaper rate are experiencing huge growth.

Buying your groceries online can save you a small fortune. Firstly, you will save on the fuel you would spend driving to the supermarket. Now, this may not seem like a lot, but over a year, if you cut down that fuel use, it will be significant. And statistics show that most people drive for between ten minutes and forty minutes just to get to a supermarket or high street. That is a significant amount of fuel on an annual basis! Ordering your groceries and goods online will also save you from being tempted by the blatant multi-buy offers that we are all bombarded with when we walk into a supermarket or store.

There are temptations all around us when we are in a shop, so buying online keeps you focussed on your shopping list, and on what you need. Set yourself a budget and stick to it. You will find it much easier, and if you go slightly over, you can adjust your list, whereas at the check-out most people tend to just pay and leave.

Shoppers have saved as much as £100 on their shopping per month, simply by ordering online.

The same is true for shopping for all kinds of goods. You are more likely to find a bargain, and will have the time to compare prices if you buy online.


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