Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Don’t let worries about your finances affect your health!

Stress is a killer. This is a scientific fact and something any doctor or medical practitioner will confirm for you. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to live a completely stress free life, especially where money is concerned.

Money worries are a real issue for millions of families in the UK. Even people who are employed, and earning a decent living, have to work hard to make ends meet, pay the bills and keep debt at bay.

We don’t have any miracle cures for you, we wish we did, but, we’ve been talking to our team and to some customers and asking for tips on coping better with financial stress. We’ve realised, after years of helping people who are experiencing huge stress in a financial emergency, that there are ways to cope with stress that can make dealing with any problem just that bit easier to do.

Financial problems are the biggest source of stress for a huge majority of UK families. It can cause sleepless nights, dietary problems and as a result, could even have longer term health effects.

One thing is certain, endless worrying will not make a problem go away, nor will it help to tackle it. First thing to do is take a little time out and rest your mind from worry. A walk or a quick breather in the fresh air will help. Then take some time to jot down the problems. By doing this you can break them down into easier to manage ‘little steps’.

Keeping your paperwork properly filed and tidy can help you to stay in control too. Call any companies and arrange for more time or negotiate smaller regular payments. Another thing you can do is try to get your family to help, it should not all be on only one person’s shoulders.

These are all simple suggestions, and while they won’t be suitable for everyone, the overall message is to take your time, and consider your options so you can stay calm, don’t be tempted topanic; this is what causes the stress.

Getting your situation under control by informing yourself and giving yourself the space and time to make decisions will help you feel in charge and that will reduce stress. Stress comes when we feel powerless to make changes and can’t see an answer. The help is available, you have the power to turn things around and by facing it and saying no to stress, you will do it much quicker than you ever imagined!


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