Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Now is the time to start saving for the winter months

It may seem too soon, especially when most kids are still on summer holidays, and we’re not properly into autumn as yet, but now is the perfect time to be saving for the coming winter months.
Winter is always the most expensive time of year. Although any time of the year can be costly, depending on our lifestyle and income, winter is always more expensive because energy bills go up, we spend even more time in our cars and Christmas is the single most expensive time of year for everyone.

To prepare yourself for the winter ahead, and to get the most from the money you earn, now is the perfect time to start saving. By putting a fixed sum away every month, you’ll be able to budget for Christmas and avoid last minute attempts to access credit in order to give your family a good festive season.

No-one knows whether we’ll have a mild winter or whether we will have the icy chill of previous years. Be ready to cover larger heating bills by stashing some extra cash now.

Here are some simple tips to help you save some extra money over the next five months so you can start December feeling more in control of your finances.

Stick to a strict budget for all your weekly expenses, and save all the money you would normally spend. Likewise, cut back on any expenditure which is not necessary for a few months, like coffees and lunches in town – why not take a flask and a packed lunch just for a few months? On average, working people spend fifty pounds per week on coffees, sandwiches, sweets and snacks while they are at work. There are 15 weeks until December.

£50 per week x 15 = £750

That’s nearly £1000! And you could save it simply by cutting down on buying drinks and snacks during the day.

This is just a simple example, but what we’re trying to illustrate is how easy it is so save a little, and how quickly it adds up to a lot. We know life isn’t always easy, and we understand how difficult it can be to make ends meet, that’s why Payday loans are available, so people can access the emergency cash when they need it. However, if you can save now, you’ll be sitting on a fantastic little nest egg this coming Christmas, so you and your family really can deck the halls and have a wonderful time!


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