Thursday, 26 September 2013

Saving money every month will help build your finances, and make your money go further

Although financial pressures can make life difficult, and sometimes we can struggle to cover all our expenses with one month’s wage, wherever possible, it is always sensible to save a little each month if we can.

Most households do not manage to save money on a regular basis; this is according to recently released statistics on the subject. It is unfortunate, because saving can help families to feel more in control of their finances and they can also help when financial emergencies crop up.

Many families will find that their money is beginning to run out well before the end of the month, or when they are next due to be paid.Sadly, this is a financial problem that leads them into a cycle of struggling and often it can result in debt problems which in return can cause an extremely insecure financial future for the entire family.

By simply being strict with yourself and doing a little bit of cutting back on your spending, you will be able to keep some cash every week, or month, and save it instead. Even as little as fifty pounds per week can make a huge difference to your savings and will very quickly build up to a significant sum!

Many families are working hard to reduce their monthly outgoings by cutting back on unnecessary expenses, reducing the costs of regular bills by finding better deals, and they are also making savings at the supermarket and in other shops where they buy their regular purchases. All these things are making huge in-roads into their money and making it last much longer.

One family told us that in just eight weeks, they had managed to save over four hundred pounds. They were amazed that they had done it and they were motivated by how simple and easy it actually was to achieve such a significant amount in such a short space of time. The really good news was that they said they did not notice any change in what they were buying and that they didn’t feel as though they were scrimping on anything. This is the very essence of cutting back, being careful and being determined to save.

Good luck with your savings plans! Tell us how you get on and what you achieve.


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