Saturday, 7 September 2013

Getting ready for back to school!

It’s still summer time and the schools are still on holiday but we’re sure you will have noticed the appearance of back to school clothes and equipment already. Not to worry, if you’ve been following our blog lately, you’ll be ready for this additional expense after having saved some extra cash over recent months.

Whatever the needs, saving a little extra can really help you to deal with those additional expenses that crop up. And they seem to crop up on a regular basis at time too!

By putting aside a little cash every month, you can very quickly build up a little nest-egg of emergency money that you’ll be able to use when you need it.

Try and think a little in advance too so that you can budget ahead for shopping that you may have to do. School uniforms, road tax, monthly bills, they are all expensive and can be a significant percentage of our regular wage. Instead of struggling, to make ends meet, by putting a little aside every month and cutting back on unnecessary expenses, you’ll have the extra you need.

Payday loans are a good way to access emergency cash when you are short. But remember, they are not a form of credit which is there to let you go shopping. This is a type of credit which is for accessing cash in a real emergency, until you are next paid. Be careful and consider all your options before you borrow money on a short term basis.

Calculate how much you can afford to repay and then work out what you can comfortably borrow. Look for the best, most trusted lender, and make sure you complete the application carefully and accurately. A good lender will require proof of id and employment, a current UK bank account and proof of your address. If you provide all this, and are eligible, you could access emergency cash within an hour.


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