Saturday, 27 April 2013

Spring In Our Steps?

Here we are half way through April and the weather still remains as gloomy as the economy. It feels as though the whole of the UK is stuck in a rut it can’t get out of.

Even the news has underlined how difficult things are. Remember the 1st of April, when this year’s political ‘April Fool’ suggested he could survive on £53 per week?

The ensuing press and media furore did nothing to appease the nation’s worries over their economic future.

However, despite all the doom mongers’ depressing predictions, we think there are some very real silver linings to what is going on in the economy today.

More and more people are saving. That has to be a good thing! While financial emergencies can and do still crop up, people are relying less on the banks for help and relying on their own hard work and dedication to see them through.

People are reducing their outgoings, curbing spending and paying off their debts as quickly as they can.

These are all signs that the fear and worry the recession has brought is turning into positive action.

Applications for pay day loans have been steadily increasing year on year. This is because they are a simple and stress free option for employed people who need some financial help but do not want to get bogged down in long-term debt or lengthy applications.

Short term loans are offering the empowered consumer the ability to access the funds they need, use the money as required, repay the loan and get on with their lives. No drama.


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