Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Online shopping – the new addiction.

We’ve all made a spur of the moment purchase online and then regretted it the following morning. Online shopping is full of the temptations that are just too easy to give in to. It’s so easy to make a purchase now, with PayPal and one-click purchases. Before we know it, we’ve over spent.

The fashion conscious shopper is particularly susceptible to the temptations of online shopping. It’s so easy to see a ‘bargain’ and think, ‘Oh, if it doesn’t fit I’ll send it back.’ But how often do we ever send anything back?

Online shopping really is too easy and it gets people into real financial problems very quickly, especially if they are using credit facilities to make their purchases.

The important thing to remember is that while we can all make mistakes, we are the one who are responsible for our financial health. Thoughtless spending can lead to real financial difficulties. While there are options employed people can use to help them through an emergency, like payday loans, it is never wise to borrow money to pay off existing debt. This is how the spiral of debt grows and can get out of hand.

Before you press buy, or add another item to your basket, stop! Ask yourself if you really need it, whether you can really afford it and, if you are using borrowed money be very careful indeed.


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