Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Saving feels good!

Have you noticed an increase in adverts, news items and articles about saving money? We have.

It seems at the moment, Savings accounts, ISAs and other types of investment opportunity are flooding the information super-highway. The main reason is the more we save money with the big financial institutions, the better off they will be and the banks really do see increasing investment as a way out of this double recession.

It’s not all cynical though. Saving is the most powerful and easiest way to give yourself the financial freedom you deserve. Savings give you economic power to live your life, stress and debt free.

It is never a bad idea to save. But we all know how tempting spending is! Here are some of our top tips to help you save.

Give yourself a long-term goal. For example, do you dream of a new kitchen or car? Well, break it down and set yourself the goal of saving toward it. Even a goal of saving 50% of the total will result in an achievement! Imagine, after a year you’re half way to a new car, where-as, if you hadn’t saved at all, the car would still be a dreamed for item.

It’s OK to spend a little. We’re not robots. Life is for living and we should always leave a little of our disposable income for something fun or a little luxury. When we all work as hard as we do, and life is tough as it is, treating ourselves is essential.

By being good to yourself in a controlled way, sticking to your savings plan and being committed to staying in control of your money, you will save a significant sum much faster than you imagined.


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