Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Having a regular source of income from secure employment is so important.

We all need money. Whether we like it or not, money really does make the world go around.

Having secure employment which brings in regular income ensures we have a home, food, warmth and all the things we and our families need to survive.

The main source of a family’s income is particularly important because this is what creates the foundations for their quality of life.

In the current economy, jobs are hard to come by. Particularly secure permanent work. While you may wish you had a higher salary or a job with much better future prospects, if you have a permanent job you are one of the lucky ones.

Think carefully before you give up a solid and secure job, especially at the moment when security in the employment sector is so hard to come by.

Moving around jobs or choosing self-employment can affect your chances of getting a mortgage, buying a car and borrowing money.

If an emergency happened and you suddenly needed to access cash on a short term basis, won’t you feel better knowing you can apply for the money you need and pay it back because you have a good, secure job?

Yes. And that’s exactly what our customers think too. All our customers who come to us for help if they need cash urgently have one thing in common – they have a steady, secure job which provides regular income for them and their family.

Money certainly doesn’t make you happy. But, it does go a long way to reducing your stress, helping you live the life you want and keeping you in control, and that’s what leads to happiness!


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