Sunday, 31 March 2013

Coping with unexpected heating bills

The weather lately has been nothing like Spring! Many customers have been in touch as a result of much higher heating bills at a time when they were expecting much milder temperatures.

Heating bills can put a great deal of pressure on family finances, particular when the weather does not behave in the way we or the seasons expect!

With news floating around regarding an increase in water bills, it seems to be one of those expenses that never get any cheaper.

While it is always wise to save a little for life’s just in case emergencies unfortunately, reality is not always like that. Many people are considering a short term cash advance until their next wage as a way to get them over the surprise of unexpected high heating bills and household expenses as a result of the continued winter weather we are experiencing here in the UK.

Being as frugal as you can with your heating can also help, even turning down the thermostat by one degree can make a massive difference to your heating bill. Make sure your home is draught proofed well. Even simple things like closing the curtains early in the evening will conserve the heat. But don’t be cold!

If you are employed and have regular income there will be options and choices for you to consider if you find you need a little extra financial help.


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