Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Even when the sun is shining, financial worries can cause a huge amount of stress

Money worries are one of life’s biggest sources of stress. It can affect every part of life if it is not dealt with, health, relationships and work life can all be affected in a detrimental way because of financial pressures or stress due to debt problems.

If you are feeling like this, don’t think you are on your own. Millions of hard working British families are still struggling. The sun is shining at last and we finally have the summer we’ve been waiting for. It may seem as if everyone is having a wonderful time while you are working hard trying to pay bills and meet your commitments. But you really aren’t on your own; you are in good company!

There has been a lot of good news in the media recently, Our Andy Murray won Wimbledon at last, the economy is picking up and we have a new Royal baby due any day now! Why not add to the positive feeling by planning some positive changes for your finances so you can reduce stress and feel more in control. Being free to enjoy life is a goal for all of us, and part of that is having our finances in control so we don’t worry so much.

The first step toward dealing with financial worries is to get your spending under control. While that may sound easier said than done, it is possible to make savings, cut back and simplify life without depriving yourself of a good quality of life! We have many readers who have systematically saved significant sums every month just by being stricter with their monthly budgets, cutting back on unnecessary spending and changing spending patterns.

Recently I re-vamped by monthly budget and found an extra £100 per month to save, simply by changing and reducing my family mobile phone contracts, reducing my fuel consumption by planning my week more effectively and ordering items online rather than going into town for items.

Once you work out your weekly or monthly budget, stick to it. Try and incorporate a little emergency money into your budget too, even just fifty pounds can make a huge difference if you are caught short. But, if you don’t need it, save it! Then you’ll have a little emergency fund which will start to build up.

The next step is to create yourself some realistic and achievable goals; things to work toward. This can be saving for a treat or a goal to reduce certain debts. Every month that you have dealt with another stress will leave you feeling better and more in control.

By reducing your spending, staying in control and within budget and re-organising yourself, you can start saving, dealing with debts and make yourself much happier. The main thing is not to be defeated and to try not to worry. The stress and worry can, over time, make situations feel much worse.

And remember, if you are caught short and need some extra short term cash, you will have the option of a payday loan to consider if you feel you need it.


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