Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Don’t be short of cash while you are on holiday and away from home!

All the schools are off for their summer holidays and families all over the UK are heading for their annual vacations. Some are going towards sun, sea and sand while many have opted for staying and holidaying right here in the UK.

Whatever your plans are for this summer, make sure you take enough cash with you to cover all the expenses you are likely to need while you are away.

It’s easy to think you have put aside enough holiday money for each day, but it can very easily run out if you don’t consider all the types of expenses you could incur while you are away enjoying yourself!

Even if you have pre-booked accommodation which includes meals, it is always best to allocate a daily amount for food, whether this is for lunches while you are out and about, or special meals out at lovely restaurants to sample the local cuisine. You want to enjoy yourself while you are on holiday, not be struggling to manage.

Budget for holiday shopping too! When you are wandering around a new place, its lovely to buy a few things, mementos for your home or presents for loved ones. The problem is you can end up over spending and using up precious budget which was for other aspects of your holiday. One way is to save a special separate pot of spending money, just so you can treat yourself and splash out while you are on holiday. It’s a great way to do it. And you can start saving for it as soon as you book to give yourself plenty of time.

If you do get stuck short of money while you are away from home, you can consider a short term payday loan. As long as you have access to the internet and have all your details so you can complete the application, you will be able to apply for it from wherever you are.


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