Tuesday, 21 May 2013

How to be a super-saver in the super market.

Saving money and sticking to a strict budget seem like simple things to do, but in practice it is not easy at all. It’s interesting to note how many comments we receive from folks on the look-out for good money saving tips while they’re doing the weekly shop.

Saving money at the supermarket is not as straightforward as one might assume. Their shelves are loaded with marketing savvy offers which look like bargains when in fact; they are encouraging you to spend more!

Here are a few simple ways you can help yourself to stay in control and keep your budget to a minimum at the supermarket.

Do a count while you are shopping. The simplest way to do this is by using a calculator; we’ve all got one on our mobile phones these days. Using a calculator can help you work out whether a special offer really is the bargain it appears to be. Work out the cost per kg and in many cases you will find the non-offer produce is cheaper by weight! Using a calculator to tot up your total spend is also handy. How many of us have been shocked by the total spend at the check-out when it’s too late?

Go to the supermarket with a budget in mind and stick to it! Do not be tempted to overspend. Many of our readers choose to do their supermarket shopping online and have it delivered to their homes. This saves them on fuel costs and they can take their time and order exactly what they need in the cheapest way possible. They don’t get distracted by all the displays and temptations around in the supermarket either. Try this method as a way of sticking to budget – it really works! My family tried it and we saved an average of £50 per week on our weekly shopping, including the fuel costs. That’s £200 pounds per month!

Finally, it’s always wise to shop around. Just as you would when searching for a short term payday loan; look for the supermarket with the best prices, best produce and best services, which suit you and your family. Whether you are borrowing money in the short term or saving money or both, always shop around. It’s your money so make sure you are in charge of it.


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