Friday, 31 May 2013

Summertime saving tips so you can enjoy the best of the sunshine.

Summer is upon us and it’s time for gathering with friends and family to enjoy the best of the British summer – whatever the weather!

It’s the time of year to be out in the garden, enjoying days out or getting together for a barbeque, but what about the costs of all this fun? Things are still financially tough for all of us, and when money is tight, it’s usually the fun stuff that is cut back.

One thing we here so often is that people find it much harder to stay motivated and on track with their money and savings if all they do is work hard and never have any fun.

Here are some quick and easy tips so you can have fun while you are saving the pennies.

Eating out does not have to be expensive. It’s always worth keeping an eye out for two for one deal or special offers. Most of the good restaurant chains are desperate for your business and offer excellent couples and family meal deals on a weekly basis.

Special offers are a great way to save money for days out too. Keep an eye out for vouchers, or kids go free coupons to attractions or theme parks. Getting your kids into a theme park for free can make all the difference to your budget.

If you’re going out for the day, take a picnic. Whatever the weather – it will be fun to eat together, cheaper and the money you save can be spent on another day out!

Consider some free options too. Days at the beach, at a National Park, at a museum or art gallery are all free! You can enjoy the outdoors or take in some art and culture – whatever you are interested in.

Get your friends and family together and organise an evening of fun. If everyone brings a dish and contributes – the cost is kept low for everyone!

Life is for living – even if it is financially difficult. Give yourself the treats you deserve this summer! It will motivate you and make working hard every week seem so much easier. short term loans are available to people who are employed and have an active UK bank account. If you find yourself in need of emergency money this summer, you can consider a short term loan as an option.


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