Monday, 10 June 2013

Are you trying to generate some extra cash quickly?

Have a clear out and selling the things you no longer need or use is a great way to generate some extra money.

While there are options to access extra cash, like payday loans, we don’t always want to borrow money. Sometimes it’s just a matter of having a good tidy up and getting rid of all that clutter and stuff you don’t need anymore.

Have a look in your wardrobes. Are there clothes in there you have not even worn? We’ve all got items, either as gifts or as impulse buys which are still hanging there with their tags on. Why not list them on E-bay and sell them? Better you have the money in your pocket.

Books, cd’s, dvd’s, computer games, unwanted gifts. These are all things that could be sold at a car-boot sale, in a free listing in the paper or online, or on E-bay. You’ll be amazed how much cash you could generate just by having a proper clear out and selling the things you don’t need anymore.

Have a look in your attic too! We’ve heard so many stories of people who have rediscovered items of considerable value in their attics and sheds. Possessions they had forgotten all about that were in a box, gathering dust the whole time.

Make your possessions work for you! Keep the things you need and love, but sort out all the extra clutter and sell anything which is still in a desirable condition. You’ll feel better for having had a proper tidy up and you’ll enjoy the extra cash in your pocket too!

It can take a little time to get things sold on e-bay, or at a car boot sale, but it is a fairly quick way to generate cash.

If you do find you need extra cash in an emergency then consider all your options, whether you choose to have a clear out and sell some things or to apply for a short term payday loan, you will find the solution which suits you and your family best.


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